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Tina broadened her knowledge of Western and Eastern Healing philosophies and techniques through post graduate advanced continuing education classes and achieving numerous training and certifications including but not limited to: Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Creative Visualization and Guided Imagery in addition to her certification as an Infant Massage Instructor, Muscle Release Technique, Corporate Chair Massage and Ergonomics, PNF Stretching (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation).


22 Southern Blvd. - Suite 118
Nesconset, NY 11767

Tina went on to became a Master Therapist that has literally laid her healing touch upon thousands of people. Her history also includes an 8 year run from 2002-2010 as Founder and Principal of Touch of Wellness Therapeutic Center in Long Island, NY in which she personally trained new graduates on more advanced techniques and exceptional customer service as she well understood the importance of providing the utmost quality service inside a warm, safe and positive environment in which her clients look forward to relaxing and revitalizing their body, mind and spirits.
Today, Tina, a Master An-Ra Healer and Meditation Coach, is very passionate about empowering her clients as she integrates energy healing and meditation into her practice as well as writes and creates her own meditations. “Helping people to reclaim their power and find their truth to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, and the fear of change”, is Tina’s mission to make the world a better place… by teaching people to become better people…one meditation at a time.
Tina remains joyfully busy in her practice with many referrals from local psycho therapist’s and clinical social workers as they have been able to measure her success in empowering their patients through her heartfelt and personalized healing meditations and now utilize Tina’s knowledge, creativeness, and insight as part of their core treatment plan with their patients.  Tina also enjoys giving group meditations and one on one personalized meditation counseling either in person or over the phone for long distance students.

About Tina Maria…

Tina Maria Dowdy, LMT, C.I.M.I. began her journey as a holistic health practitioner in 1998 when she first achieved her degree at New York College for Holistic Health Practitioners with a Major in the studies of Massage Therapy and a Minor in Occupational Studies with a Graduate Achievement in Clinical Excellence.

Knowing all too well herself how stress is the number one cause of illnesses, Tina became inspired by the necessity to help people achieve a more balanced quality of life.